Born for Greatness

MetaInu is the Ultimate Meta Token. Also known as the ShibaInu Killer.

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Meta is the future. And in the future, Meta Inu reigns supreme!

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In the World of Meta Inu, habitats more creatures ready to start together aa long adventure.

Come and meet everyone in the Wolrd of Meta Inu!
 Together we'll build different applications inside and outside the meta!

Meta Inu Wallet
Meta Inu NFTs
Meta Inu Merch
Game studio developer partnerships
Meta Inu Game

Meta Inu Roadmap

Chapter 1

- Project Documentation
- Team Formation
- Marketing Strategy
- Launched Product
- Development Launch Website
- Partnership with influencers

Chapter 2

- Team Expansion
- Project Documentation Two
- Expand Marketing Strategy
- Influencers marketing
- Fair Launch
- Listing on Pancakeswap
- Listing on CoinGecko
- Listing on CoinMarketCap
- Listing on Nomics, Coinsniper, Coinhunt...etc

Chapter 3

- Expand social media accounts to 1000+
- Post-launch marketing campaigns
- CEX listings
- Expand influencer marketing
‍- Initiate Chapter 3 Marketing plan

Chapter 4

- Initiate Chapter 4 Marketing plan
-Expand Team
- MetaInu Wallet
- Meta Inu NFTs
- Meta Inu Merch
- Game studio developer partnerships
- MetaInu Game‍

Tax Fee Function


2% Tax Fee to Autoliquidity

2% of every transaction goes directly to the liquidity pool.


1% Tax for Marketing

1% of every transaction will go directly to the marketing pool.


3% in Total

Use 3%+ Slippage when buying on Pancakeswap.

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